Overview of Smart Sensor Pro+ System

How Do I Update My Pro+ Tool?

  1. Register an Account and Pro+ Tool
    The first step is to register for an account on this website if you have not already. Then make sure to register your Pro+ Tool Serial Number. This gives you access to many resources you will need to update your tool. Click Here To Register. To add your Pro+ Tool, click the "Register New Tool" link from your account page.
  2. Install Update Software
    In order to update your tool you need to install the Update Software that came on the CD Rom included with your Pro+ Tool. If you don't have the CD you can optionally download the software after you register your Pro+ Tool. Follow the instructions on that page carefully to ensure proper installation. To install from CD, simply place the Pro+ CD in your CD ROM drive, browse to the CD ROM drive folder on your computer and click the Setup Icon, and follow the prompts to install the software.
  3. Download Update File
    Once you have your Pro+ Tool registered, you can download the update file (.hex file) from your account screen. These .hex files contain the data the Pro+ Tool needs to program the blank Smart Sensors for specific vehicle protocols. To update your tool, connect your tool to computer via the included USB cable. Ensure the Pro+ Tool is charged sufficiently and power it on after it's plugged in. Open the Update Software and use the software to open the .hex file and program it onto the tool. DON'T OPEN the .hex file! It is harmless to your computer but will not execute like a program, it is simply data for the Update Software.