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Tool Update Help

If you are having trouble updating your tool, follow these steps to update to the latest version of the software.

  1. Charge Pro+ Tool

    Ensure the Pro+ Tool is fully charged. If the Pro+ battery runs out during the update process, the tool may not function properly or be able to update.
  2. Register Account

    Make sure you have registered an account on this website. If you need to, Click Here To Register.
    Otherwise Login to your account. Click Here To Login
  3. Download and Install the Update Software

    The Pro+ Updater software is available after you login to your account. Save the Pro+, Extract the files, Run the Setup.exe to install.
  4. Connect Tool

    After your Pro+ tool has charged completely, connect it to your computer via the included USB cable. Power the tool on. You may here a chime from the computer notifying you that a USB device is connected. (note: first time connecting after installing Pro+ Updater may require drivers to install. This may take a minute or two. Please wait until software prompts you to continue.)
  5. Update Pro+ Tool

    Click "Update" to update tool. This may take a few minutes to complete. Once the update is complete the progress bar will say 100%. The tool display will say Update Complete Please Unplug to reset. Unplug the Pro+ from the computer to reset the tool. It will flash the low bat light and power off. Turn the tool on and you are ready to use the tool.
  6. OBDII Module Update

    Simply connect OBDII module to computer using the same connection that you used for the PRO+ Tool. With the software still open it will prompt you to update. Press Update to update the module.

If you are having trouble Call Technical Support @ 1.877.659.TPMS (8767)