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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't have a sensor to copy. What do I do?

The Program New Sensor feature in the Pro+ tool generates a NEW Id number for a Smart Sensor. Keep in mind that you MUST perform the vehicle relearn after installing a sensor with a new ID.


I installed a Smart Sensor in the wheel but now I can't scan it. Why not?

The Smart Sensors are blank out of the box and need to be programmed before installation.


I programmed new Smart Sensors and installed them but the TPMS light is still on.

Every time you install a new TPMS sensor on a vehicle with a NEW Id, The vehicle will ignore that sensor until the vehicle's relearn procedure has been performed.


I don't see the option for OBDII for a vehicle.

Not every vehicle requires an OBDII Relearn. Ford and GM use a positional relearn using the scan sensor function. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and European vehciles use a driving "Auto Relearn Process". OBDII Relearns are mainly for Asian Import vehicles. The OBDII option will show up for supported vehicles in the vehicle menu.


Will the Pro+ Tool work with other sensors?

The Pro+ Tool is a full diagnostic / scan tool. The tool can be used to Scan/Diagnose OEM sensors and Aftermarket sensors that are not blank. It will only program Blank Smart Sensors. Other Pre-Programmed sensors will scan and read with the Pro+ Tool.


Will other Tools work with the Smart Sensor?

The Smart Sensors are blank out of the box. Once they are programmed for a vehicle application, other TPMS Tools can perform the relearn, scan/diagnose, etc. To create a programmed Smart Sensor from a Smart Sensor blank you need the Pro+ Tool, or one of the following Tools/Accessories.